A Crow and Dancing Bear
S C Bachus
San Francisco

After photographing a bear and crow watching the crowd at the Oakland Zoo (see Catg. #11014), I came across this photograph made three years earlier from the rooftop of our apartment in San Francisco. Perched on a fire escape, a lone crow looks up into the clouds of a departing weather system. I would like to think that the crow saw the same bear I did in the stacks of gray and white cumulus rising high above the Bay. I also thought what a wonderful children's story this would make - about a bear and crow who were great friends at the zoo. Unfortunately, the bear was to be sold to another zoo. The crow was saddened to hear he would be losing his friend. But, before he left for his new home, the bear told the crow 'whenever you are sad that I am gone, look up into the clouds and you will see me dancing there.'
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